Make Schaefer Your Certified Tesla Auto Body Shop

The body of a electric car. Hood, headlamp, front.

Schaefer Autobody is proud to announce that our Crestwood MO location is a Certified Tesla Auto Body Shop. That means Tesla owners in the St Louis area can now get the quality service they would expect from Schaefer Autobody, backed by the training and support of Tesla Motors.

Tesla vehicles are known for their advanced design and innovative technology. The body structure of Tesla vehicles incorporate advanced structural aluminum casting, extrusion, and stamped panel technology that is used in combination with the best in aluminum welding and adhesive bonding technology. Not every auto body shop is experienced with these types of features and technologies, meaning that this type of repair work shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone.

One example of why a Certified Tesla Auto Body Shop is more capable than a traditional shop are the ultrasonic sensors utilized by Tesla as proximity sensors. These sensors are used for the vehicle’s Autopilot, as well as for its auto-presenting and Falcon Wing doors on the Model X. While others cars use cameras or other more visible sensors, Tesla uses a revolutionary new technology that keeps the sensors hidden within the body panels themselves. These sensors are capable of sonar, generating ultrasonic waves through the metal and receiving an echo in return, measuring proximity without sacrificing design aesthetic.

Trusting the replacement of body panels to someone who doesn’t understand the mechanics and technology of a Tesla could leave many of your vehicle’s key features inoperable – which is the opposite of what you are looking for when it comes to a repair. That is why it is recommended that a Certified Tesla Auto Body Shop always be used.

Advantages of Tesla Certified Autobody Shop

What’s the difference between a traditional auto body shop and a Certified Tesla Auto Body Shop? If you’re still left scratching your head, here are a few main criteria.

  • Quality: Working with a certified auto body shop guarantees that your Tesla vehicle will be restored to its OEM specifications for safety, performance, and aesthetic.
  • Time: Working with a certified auto body shop helps reduce the amount of time Tesla owners are without their vehicles.
  • Cost: Certified auto body shops have the training and knowledge necessary to perform repairs affordably.

Why Schaefer Autobody

When customers choose Schaefer Autobody to help them restore their vehicle, they have always known that our technicians work to the highest of performance standards. Being a Certified Tesla Body Shop now confirms it to be true, as body shops must be rigorously trained and tested before being eligible for this unique certification.

As a part of the Tesla Approved Body Shop Network, we work in partnership with the Tesla Body Repair Program team. They monitor and support our Crestwood team to ensure that every repair is performed to the standards of excellence that Tesla drivers have come to expect.

If you are the owner of a Tesla vehicle in the St Louis area and are in need of body repair services, know that you can trust in Schaefer Autobody to be your Certified Tesla Auto Body Shop.