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March 22

How to Change a Flat Tire in Under 15 Minutes

A flat tire can be a major hassle, as it can cause delays, safety concerns, and unexpected expenses. It can leave you stranded on the side of the road, requiring you to change the tire yourself or wait for assistance. It can also damage your vehicle’s suspension and alignment if driven on for too long, […]

March 8

17 Facts About VIN Numbers

Were you aware there’s a number displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard that can tell Schaefer Autobody Centers your car’s most intimate details? VIN numbers have been around for decades, and they’re still as useful as ever. Here are 17 facts about VIN numbers: As complicated as vehicles can be, it’s a relief automakers agreed to […]

March 1

Clays for Careers Aims to Assist Local Technical Schools

Get ready to aim, shoot, and make a difference at the upcoming Clays for Careers presented by Schaefer Autobody Centers! This exciting sporting clays shooting tournament is set to take place on Tuesday, April 25, in Lonedell, Missouri, at Top Gun Sportsman’s Club. All tournament proceeds will go to local technical schools’ automotive and collision […]

February 15

3 Reasons your bumper color may not match the rest of your vehicle

Have you ever looked at your clean car and noticed the bumper color doesn’t perfectly match the panels next to it? There may not be a big difference but typically, it is not a perfect match. Why is that? There are a few reasons you may notice a color or slight tonal difference. This is […]

January 31

Best Regions in the U.S. for Car Exteriors

As winter takes hold on the Midwest, many of us are already looking forward to summer. If cars were sentient—thought for themselves, that is—they may be thinking the same. At best, winter weather and the chemicals applied to roadways are challenging for your vehicle’s exterior. At worst, the treatments on roadways, excessive moisture, and road […]

January 11

How Important is Washing Your Car in Winter?

Winter in the Midwest can mean serious damage on your car’s finish. Our predictably unpredictable weather patterns leave MODOT with the challenging task of planning to keep our roadways safe, which unfortunately includes lots of salt. The way in which salt damages your car is particularly nefarious. It corrodes metal surfaces leaving them open to […]

December 16

Careers in Auto Body Repair

You don’t have to be an automotive expert to take advantage of careers in auto body repair. Start with us as an apprentice. Jobs in collision repair are booming! There are also needs for positions in customer relations, human resources, accounting, training, parts procurement, sales and marketing, digital marketing, towing, auto glass, calibration, management and […]

December 1

Holiday Activities in St. Louis

Fun Holiday Activities in St. Louis! Check out all the light displays & festivities.

November 14

Schaefer Autobody Centers announces Drive Out Hunger, a holiday food drive

Today, Schaefer Autobody Centers announced their 2022 holiday food drive initiative, Drive Out Hunger. The locally owned auto body leader welcomes the community to join us in collecting non-perishable food and essential non-food items to donate to the St. Louis Area Foodbank and The Food Bank of Central & Northeast Missouri. With rising food prices, […]

November 9

Thanksgiving Travel & Safety Tips

As you prepare to hit the road (or sky) for the holidays, here at Schaefer Autobody Centers we will be hosting our annual Thanksgiving Dinner for employees a few days before “Turkey Day.” The event has become an annual tradition that is looked forward to by all our locations. Afterward, like many of you, our […]