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Catastrophic Events and Auto Damage

Living in the Midwest we are all too familiar with severe storms. As much as we love to watch them roll in, the aftermath can leave significant damage to our vehicles and homes. See our reference guide below for handling a catastrophic event and auto insurance procedures.

If you need assistance due to vehicle damage following a natural disaster, submit a message and photos using our “Need Assistance” button on the lower right of your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions Following a Natural Disaster

How to Avoid Scams Following a Natural Disaster

There are traveling companies who chase storms and show up to perform repairs and then leave town. Be sure to pay after services are rendered and ask about a lifetime warranty on workmanship. There are plenty of amazing companies, this is just a reminder to do the research before selecting a repair company. This advice can be applied to repair companies for your home as well.

*The information provided here is a guide, please contact your insurance company directly for details on your exact policy and coverage.

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