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January 22

The Impact of Aftermarket Parts on Vehicle Safety

In the pursuit of cost-effective solutions in collision repair, some vehicle owners turn to repairers who rely on aftermarket or refurbished auto parts. However, the seemingly economical choice comes with a set of concerns, particularly when it comes to the overall quality and safety of the repaired vehicle. A notable 2018 study conducted by the […]

January 8

Clear Vision Ahead: A Guide to Preventing Your Car from Fogging Up

Picture this: You’re running late for work, hop into your car, and suddenly, your windows are fogged up, obstructing your view. Foggy car windows can be not only frustrating but also a safety hazard. Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to prevent your car from fogging up, ensuring a clear and safe drive every […]

December 26

Winterizing Your Vehicle

As the winter season approaches, so does the threat of corrosion to your vehicle. The combination of road salt, freezing temperatures, and moisture can take a toll on your car’s undercarriage and exterior, leading to rust and corrosion. Here are a few ways to keep your ride looking sharp and running smoothly through the winter […]

December 11

7 Tips for Navigating Holiday Roads with Wisdom

The holiday season brings about festive cheer, family reunions and the joy of giving. However, it also marks a time of greatly increased travel, with millions of Americans hitting the roads to celebrate with loved ones. Ensuring a safe journey during this busy time of year requires preparedness, caution and an understanding of the challenges […]

November 27

The Pressure is On: How to Check Your Tire Pressure and Why It Matters

Tire pressure might not be the most exciting aspect of car maintenance, but it’s undeniably one of the most critical. Proper tire pressure can affect your vehicle’s safety, fuel efficiency, and overall performance. Fluctuations in temperature can significantly impact tire pressure. Hot weather causes the tire to expand, leading to overinflation. In contrast, cold temperatures […]

November 20

Schaefer Autobody Centers Spreading Holiday Cheer through Annual Toy Drive Benefiting Snowflake Village at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

St. Louis, MO – Schaefer Autobody Centers, a leading auto body repair service provider, is proud to announce its annual Holiday Toy Drive in support of St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Snowflake Village program. The initiative, running from November 27 to December 15, aims to bring joy to children and their families spending the holidays at […]

November 16

Holiday Activities in St. Louis

Fun Holiday Activities in St. Louis! Check out all the light displays & festivities.

November 2

Schaefer Autobody Centers’ Annual Golf Tournament Raises $80,000 for Children’s Hospital

Schaefer Autobody Centers has announced a donation of $80,000 to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, a result of the company’s Annual David Ian Charity Golf Tournament held on September 25, 2023, at Greenbriar Hills Country Club in Kirkwood, MO. This contribution, the largest in the tournament’s six-year history, will provide valuable support to children and their […]

October 31

Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

As the chilly weather of winter approaches, it’s crucial to ensure your vehicle is ready to handle the challenges that come with the cold months. From treacherous icy roads to freezing temperatures, taking proactive measures can help prevent potential issues and keep you safe on the wintry roads. Here are some ways to prepare your […]

October 16

OEM vs. Aftermarket: Why Authenticity Matters

When it comes to repairing your vehicle, you may have come across the term “OEM” while searching for a collision repair center. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and it signifies a level of quality and compatibility that many car owners and enthusiasts highly value. Schaefer Autobody Centers has built their entire brand and related […]