Organizations and Awards for Top Insurance Agents

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Company and coverage options aren’t the only two things people consider when selecting an insurance provider. The fact of the matter is, the insurance industry is built on relationships and those relationships are cultivated by the human beings that act as advocates for both the insured and claimants.

So how does an insurance agent stand out in the insurance industry? We recommend looking to some of the following industry associations as resources to identify excellence in insurance.

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research creates continuing education resources including classes for insurance industry professionals at a variety of places in their career, from total newcomers to seasoned veterans. They award distinctions for those insurance professionals who complete certain requirements

If you’re an insurance professional who is just starting out in the industry, they provide great resources for career advancement on their My Career Advancement page where you can learn more about the insurance industry and begin to grow your network.

Missouri Association of Insurance Agents

The Missouri Association of Insurance Agents is a valuable source of pertinent industry information and also awards career-boosting recognition to industry professionals. MAIA presents a variety of awards yearly to individuals in the insurance industry including Insurance Person of the Year and Young Agent of the Year.

If you are an insurance professional, there are a variety of committees available within the MAIA for you to join to get involved in the organization and get your name out there. If you’re relatively new to the insurance world, there’s the Young Agents Committee.

They also work to connect insurance professionals with other important aspects of the industry. Their website offers lots of information on the many ways to become involved with current government and regulatory actions affecting the insurance industry.

Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois

The Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois is another great resource for insurance industry professionals wanting to forward their career and gain a little more experience and knowledge. In addition to their events calendar and continuing education opportunities, they also recognize the best in the industry with their own distinctions including Young Agent of the Year.

If you’re an insurance professional, their networking events are a great way for you to meet other industry professionals and build your leadership skills. They also offer ways you can get involved in your community, a great way to boost your name by industry standards.

Individual Insurance Company Distinctions

It’s important not to forget that the individual insurance companies also create distinctions for outstanding insurance agents affiliated with their company.

As with industry, going above and beyond by becoming involved with continuing education opportunities is an indicator of increased drive and dedication to one’s career. Schaefer Autobody Centers also offers resources for insurance professionals who are interested in providing superior service to their book of clients.