Choosing The Right Auto Body Shop For Your Fleet Vehicle

fleet of red vans outside of a garage

When you own a business, you know that any interaction you have with the public has the potential to build a great new-customer relationship. You are always striving to put your best foot forward wherever you go.

For a lot of business owners, fleet vehicles, trucks, and vans are a major way potential customers come into contact with their brand. That’s why it’s important for owners of fleet vehicles to keep them looking as nice as possible. Not only does this show you care enough about your business to keep its working parts well maintained, it also puts forward a friendly and positive face for your business. In addition to the great advertisement for your business, your fleet vehicles also keep your business running. Having a vehicle out of commission for too long could really affect your bottom line.

You shouldn’t trust just any auto body shop with the repairs to your vehicle. You need someone that you can count on to have the valuable experience and expertise needed for working with fleet vehicles. Here are just a few things to look for in a fleet vehicle auto body shop.

Commercial Vehicle Towing

The first step in getting your fleet vehicle repaired is getting it to the auto body repair shop. Towing for a commercial vehicle is not something that every auto body repair shop or towing company provides. If you want to save valuable time and make sure your vehicle is taken care of properly, look for an auto body shop that offers commercial vehicle towing in addition to repairs. One less step for you could save your business valuable time and money.


Working on the auto body repairs for fleet vehicles is something that takes experience. Fleet vehicles, trucks, and vans have their own unique repair methods that require specific knowledge and experience to get done just right. Don’t trust one of your business’s most important assets with an auto body shop that lacks the necessary experience to get the job done right.

I-CAR Certified

I-Car certified technicians receive continuing education and training to keep up to date with the newest technology and repair methods for both individual vehicles as well as fleet vehicles. Your fleet vehicle is a constant advertisement of your brand. Choose someone with the kind of expertise and knowledge that will keep your vehicle or truck looking great.

Fast Repairs

Time is money and long periods of time without the valuable tools you need can have a big negative impact on the success of your business. It’s important to choose an auto body repair shop than can get your vehicle’s repairs done quickly without sacrificing quality. Any body shop you choose should keep you informed every step of the way on the status of repairs so you can make the necessary adjustments to keep business running smoothly.

Schaefer Autobody has helped numerous St. Louis area businesses to get their company’s fleet truck or van back on the road and looking great. If you have a fleet vehicle in need of towing or auto body repair, contact us today and let us make it like it never happened.

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