Car Insurance Apps – Revolutionizing The Industry

illustration of person holding phone open to car insurance app

In the era of the smart phone and all of the enhanced technologies that come with it, it’s no wonder auto insurance companies are adapting quickly to use mobile technology in ways that benefit their business and their customers. The majority of auto insurers have developed mobile apps that allow you to buy insurance directly from your phone or tablet, or log in to your account and make changes to your policy. Now they’re taking it one step further by enabling you to initiate and process an accident claim via the app.

The benefits of using these app-based claim-processing features are broad. The largest benefit for both insurer and customer being time saved. When you initiate a claim from your car insurance company’s app, you’re able to upload photos of your vehicle damage and communicate quickly with your claims adjuster. This allows the insurance company to assess whether your damage is more cosmetic in nature. In those instances, the insurer is able to get your estimate processed then and there, as opposed to spending the time and cost to send an adjuster to your location to inspect the damage.

These apps can effectively reduce the initial estimate phase from several days of back and forth phone calls to your insurance company and auto body shop visits, down a just couple days or even less. Imagine the convenience of having your accident claim initiated, processed, and estimated instantly from your smart phone? What used to be a long and arduous process for everyone involved can now be both fast and efficient. Less stress creates happy employees and happy customers.

Have you had a chance to download your car insurance company’s app? Here are a few of the free apps from the largest names in auto insurance.

Allstate Mobile

The Allstate Mobile app adds several useful features including fast access to digital ID cards, Good Hands Rescue 24/7 roadside assistance, and QuickFoto Claim to upload your car accident photos directly from your phone to your claim.

Esurance Mobile

As an Esurance customer, you can quickly get proof of insurance, file a claim, or even video chat with your appraiser. If you’re the unlucky person needing accident repairs and use one of their E-star repair shops, you can get up-to-date photos of the progress through the RepairView tool. If you’re lucky enough not to need RepairView, you can just use their locator function to find parking or restaurants near you.

GEICO Mobile

Use the GEICO Mobile app to get your digital ID cards without even having to log in. Mind blown. You can also hire roadside assistance, or talk to Kate, GEICO’s virtual assistant. If you get into an accident you can report and track your claim in real time. That little lizard knows a thing or two about convenience.

State Farm Pocket Agent®

Secure login through Fingerprint or Touch ID? Pay without having to log in at all? File and monitor claims quickly all while getting roadside assistance? Sign us up. Pocket Agent® is highly secure and easy to use. We suggest giving it a look.

We’d love to spend more time telling you about each of the convenient mobile apps our many insurance partners use, but we need to get back to doing the important business of getting cars back on the road looking great. Not to fear though, we’ve included some quick links for you to learn about the apps from even more auto insurers.