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August 29

Some of Schaefer Autobody’s Favorite Nonprofits

Schaefer Autobody believes that we have a responsibility to give back to the community we serve. The residents of St. Louis and Columbia are more than just our customers; they’re our neighbors, our friends, and our family. We’re invested in our community, and that investment means the giving of our time and resources to causes […]

August 25

Top 5 Tips To Save Money On Your Auto Body Repairs

Auto body repairs are expensive and if you’ve been in an accident we don’t blame you for wanting to save some money when it comes to your car’s auto body repairs.  Saving a couple hundred dollars could mean a lot to someone’s monthly budget. As far as saving money on your auto body repair goes, […]

August 5

What To Expect From Your Insurance Claims Adjuster

If you’re one of the majority of people lucky enough to avoid frequent auto accidents, the insurance claims process is probably a mystery to you. Knowing what to do next and what to expect from your insurance company, and most importantly your claims representative, can be a bit of an enigma. You’re likely to feel […]