Road Construction Around Schaefer Autobody Centers of Columbia, MO.

overview shot of highway construction plan

There is a LOT of road construction going on around the Schaefer Autobody Center in Columbia, MO. Some routes to get to this location will be unavailable due to the closing of the roundabout in the front of our building. Early June – Business Loop at I-70 will be closed for 45 days to build a dual-lane roundabout on the south side of I-70 and to reconstruct Business Loop where it crosses under I-70. We will update everyone once it is known what kind of timeframe we are dealing with. Please be advised if you are bring a vehicle in for repairs or an estimate, you may need to take an alternative route. 

Below are some maps and directions of the different options for getting to our location:


east bound I-70

east bound I-70-2.1

east bound I-70-2.2