14 Easy Trunk-or-Treat Ideas

Spooky Orange Halloween Candy against a background

We’ve got nothing against traditional, door-to-door Trick-or-Treating, but we absolutely love the concept of “Trunk or Treating,” and with these easy trunk or treat ideas, you will, too! If you’re not familiar, Trunk or Treating is popular and safe Trick-or-Treating alternative in which cars gather together in a parking lot and costumed kiddos go from trunk to trunk collecting candy (with adult supervision, of course). Once just a fun get-together for church or school groups, Trunk or Treat events have become a fun Halloween staple for communities across the nation.

And it’s not just the kids that get into the Halloween spirit, as many adults will join in the costumed fun as well. But what REALLY sets the tradition apart are the cars themselves. At any Trunk or Treating event, you’ll notice at least a few festively decked-out automobiles. People really go all out when it comes to creatively decorating their vehicles. We did some searching and found a few creative options to make your car the talk of the Halloween Trunk or Treat season.

List of Trunk-or-Treat Ideas

  1. A 1950s Diner
  2. A Lego Car
  3. This Pirate Ship
  4. An Under The Sea Theme (With Nemo & Dory!)
  5. A Giant Gumball Machine
  6. A Big Black Cat
  7. A Video Game World
  8. A Ghostbusters-Themed “Mobile Ghost Containment Unit”
  9. Your Own Personal McDonald’s
  10. A Real Life Drive-In Movie
  11. Charlie Brown (And the Great Pumpkin)
  12. A Life-Sized Candyland
  13. Cookie Monster
  14. A Jack O Lantern Lamborghini (Lamborghini Not Included)