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January 31

Best Regions in the U.S. for Car Exteriors

As winter takes hold on the Midwest, many of us are already looking forward to summer. If cars were sentient—thought for themselves, that is—they may be thinking the same. At best, winter weather and the chemicals applied to roadways are challenging for your vehicle’s exterior. At worst, the treatments on roadways, excessive moisture, and road […]

January 27

Schaefer Spotlight: Zack H.

January, 2023 Zack is an asset to our team, he is always willing to put in the time necessary to get the work done. He will stay late and come in early to get the job done. Zack is very knowledgeable and regularly takes on additional responsibilities and repairs to ensure everything stays on track […]

January 11

How Important is Washing Your Car in Winter?

Winter in the Midwest can mean serious damage on your car’s finish. Our predictably unpredictable weather patterns leave MODOT with the challenging task of planning to keep our roadways safe, which unfortunately includes lots of salt. The way in which salt damages your car is particularly nefarious. It corrodes metal surfaces leaving them open to […]