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December 18

Plastic Bumper Recycling Now Possible for Autobody Shops

When a vehicle has turned over its last tick on the odometer and is unequivocally and permanently out of commission, more often than not, it means scrap yard purgatory is its impending final destination. Every year, more than 12 million automobiles are scrapped, and unfortunately (unlike the lucrative business of metal recycling) plastic bumper recycling […]

December 6

How to Drive on Ice

Driving during severe winter weather can be challenging regardless of one’s experience behind the wheel. With dropping temperatures and hazardous snow, sleet, and rain in many a forecast, you’re going to want to play it safe when on the roads this winter. And while there’s no foolproof technique to winter driving, knowing how to drive […]

December 2

Is It Illegal to Drive With Interior Lights On?

When you were 16 and just learning to drive, your parents likely told you at some point that it’s illegal to drive with interior lights on. You questioned it, insisted on a good reason why, but in the end, you likely lost the fight. Ironically, to this day, you’re quick to snap off the interior […]