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November 20

Don’t Fall Victim To Common Car Insurance Scams

When we get behind the wheel every day we put a lot of trust in our fellow citizens. We are at risk any time we drive our cars, from legitimate accidents that may occur as a result of just going about our business, but also from people who may have ulterior motives. Sadly the money […]

November 11

DIY or Don’t? When Is Auto Body Repair Something You Can Do For Yourself?

Not all car damage is catastrophic. Over time it’s easy to start collecting minor dings and scratches just by going about your regularly scheduled day. If you’ve ever had a professional take a look at this seemingly minor damage, you know that even small and superficial auto body shop repairs can be costly. If you’re […]

November 1

Schaefer Spotlight – Shawn DuPont

Shawn’s very first job was as a life guard, but his background starts in retail. Between coming to Schaefer Autobody, he worked briefly at a bed and breakfast in Arsegul, Spain in the shadow of the Pyrenes Mountains. He is married to wife Marta, who is from Spain, and they have a little boy named […]