Repair Process & Authorization

  • Most estimates performed prior to disassembly of the vehicle are not accurate because of the probability of hidden damage. Therefore, it is our practice that accurate estimates of the cost of repair, as well as the expected time to complete the repairs, are not made until we have disassembled the area of damage to your vehicle. Our normal process is as follows.

    1. Obtain your approval for us to repair your vehicle and negotiate with your insurance company if required.
    2. Itemize the visible external damage.
    3. Disassemble the damaged area to locate the hidden damage.
    4. Itemize the previously hidden damage that is now visible and predict the likelihood of any additional damage.
    5. Contact you or your insurance company for approval for the costs required to repair all damage found.

    Schaefer Autobody Centers follows its own repair procedure to ensure quality repairs backed by a written guarantee. Small differences may exist between our exact repair process and the procedures outlined in the insurance company estimates. However, any differences that would affect total repair cost will be discussed with you or your insurance company beforehand. In the event that Schaefer Autobody Centers does not repair your vehicle, there will be a charge for any labor performed regarding disassembling and estimating the damage, and for storage for the time the vehicle was in our possession.

    ALL CHARGES FOR REPAIRS MUST BE PAID IN FULL WHEN THE VEHICLE IS READY FOR DELIVERY. In some cases, this requires your assistance in dealing with the insurance company to make sure they make timely payment.
  • By initialing here, you authorize us to endorse your name on any insurance check made for the purpose of paying for the repairs to your vehicle. Some insurance checks also require lien-holder endorsement which you must obtain.
  • By initialing here, you agree to turn over to Schaefer Autobody Centers any payment received from your insurance company for payment of a claim related to this repair. Failure to surrender payment from your insurance company without paying the repair bill in full will result in legal action to collect this debt.

  • Schaefer Autobody Centers will do its best to prevent delays in the repair of your vehicle, however, it is important to understand that parts and insurance delays are sometimes beyond our control and we cannot be responsible for them. We will keep you informed at the frequency and in the manner (phone, text, email) that you desire.
  • By initialing here, you authorize us to communicate with you via text messages and/or email.
  • By initialing here, you DO NOT authorize us to communicate with you via text messages and/or email. Employees of Schaefer Autobody Centers and its sublet vendors may occasionally operate your vehicle for testing, moving, or pickup/delivery purposes. Also, during the process of repair, it is normal and necessary for the battery to be disconnected which may result in loss of radio stations or other memory presets.

  • By signing below, I hereby authorize the repair of this vehicle, as referenced above, and acknowledge that I understand all the above. Schaefer Autobody Centers is not responsible for the security or condition of any personal property left in the vehicle. An express mechanics lien is hereby acknowledged on this vehicle to secure the amount of the repairs thereto.
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