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April 22

Continuing Education: Entering the Age of Tech

With all of the talk of tech in the world right now, there’s always something new to discover. Tech for cars is no exception. There’s no better way to show you some of those advancements than jumping right in! Electric and Hybrid Cars This is an obvious place to start and you probably already know […]

March 21

Hail Damage 101

We all know that sense of dread. The one you feel when you’re watching hail falling relentlessly from the sky, hearing the loud POP! as chunks of ice hit your car, and not being able to do anything about it. Sitting through a spring hailstorm can make you feel pretty helpless. Each popping sound you’re […]

February 24

Millennials & Cars

Whether it’s car insurance professionals, car dealerships or body shops, understanding the Millennial customer is a vital part of understanding your business. Millennials, those tech-savvy people born between the years of 1980 and 1996 roughly, make up the largest demographic in the workforce now. That being said, their spending patterns can have a huge impact […]

February 16

The Questions You Should Be Asking Your St. Louis Auto Body Shop

When accidents happen, it’s safe to assume the primary question on everyone’s mind is “When can I have my car back to normal?” While we understand why this is the most important question for people, there are a lot of other important questions that need answered in the auto body repair process in order to […]

February 8

Ethics in The Auto Body Industry

There have been a number of these situations in the news lately. We and most of our competitors are on some insurance company Direct Repair Programs. These insurance referral programs can be good for helping us get new customers and also a great resource to help their customers understand that like everything else, there are […]

January 20

Schaefer Offers Continuing Education For Our Insurance Partners

We at Schaefer value the relationships we’ve built with our insurance industry partners. They trust us to take care of their clients’ vehicles and we are proud to continuously offer them the same high standard of quality in St. Louis auto body repair that they have come to expect from us. We value these relationships […]

January 13

Choosing The Right Auto Body Shop For Your Fleet Vehicle

When you own a business, you know that any interaction you have with the public has the potential to build a great new-customer relationship. You are always striving to put your best foot forward wherever you go. For a lot of business owners, fleet vehicles, trucks, and vans are a major way potential customers come […]

December 15

Steps To Take When You Are In An Auto Accident

Hopefully you’ve been fortunate enough to have little experience with automobile accidents so far. If that is the case, you may not know exactly what to do when you find yourself in that situation. We want to provide you with a few helpful tips to remember the next time you are in an accident. First […]

November 20

Don’t Fall Victim To Common Car Insurance Scams

When we get behind the wheel every day we put a lot of trust in our fellow citizens. We are at risk any time we drive our cars, from legitimate accidents that may occur as a result of just going about our business, but also from people who may have ulterior motives. Sadly the money […]