Robert F.

Dear Frank,

I enjoy the show most afternoons on KTRS. Thank you for providing entertainment and a bit of levity in our crazy world. It never fails to lift our spirits to laugh often and well.

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Schaefer Auto Body. My vehicle was hit in a parking lot near my home in Ballwin. Naturally, I called Schaefer to make an appointment for an estimate. Long story short, the car was repaired by Schaefer. Returned to me clean and ready to go. I noticed a problem with alignment on the tailgate portion of the repair and discussed it with Shaun, the Manager at the Ellisville location. He arranged for me to drop the vehicle off for alignment and provided a rental car for my use while my vehicle was in the shop. This was in late 2015.

Recently, I noticed that one of my taillights was not working. Upon closer examination, I noticed that there was water in the light. Checking on the Interweb, I discovered that when removing these specific taillights for repair or replacement, a special gasket was to be installed. I called Shaun and relayed the problem.

With no questions asked he ordered a new taillight for me as well as the two missing gaskets. I took the vehicle in this morning and waited for it to be repaired. 45 minutes later I was on my way.

It is not often that Customer Service is done the way I would take care of my customers.

Schaefer is a great vendor. Worthy of a chance to repair anyone’s vehicle. Thanks for bringing the word to us listeners.