To be honest emailing a company to tell them about their customer service is not my thing, but what transpired today is definitely worthy of the time it takes to type.

It all started about 24 hours ago……driving down the highway and BANG!!!!!!! A rock jumped up and smacked against my car’s brand spankin’ new bumper. I pulled over and noticed a pencil eraser sized chunk missing and the metal was exposed. I drove immediately to the dealership to get some touch up paint and straight home to do the patch work.

When I got in the garage, I started applying the paint, and 30 minutes later, I was happy and off to bed. The story doesn’t end there. Upon waking up, I ran outside to check out my hard work and was shocked to see my painting was far from Da Vinci. I panicked and drove up to a neighborhood body shop and asked if they could smooth it out. The gentleman told me he would need to paint the whole bumper. I was a little skeptical, so I moved on.

Fast forward to lunch time, when I called Schaefer Autobody and was greeted on the phone by Maria and she couldn’t have been more helpful. With the sweetest voice imaginable told me she would get me answers and asked if I would like to schedule a time for an estimate. I let her know how much she helped me and told her I would stop up at the Dunn Rd location at lunch.

Once I arrived at the Dunn Rd location, I stepped in and was immediately greeted by Brittany, I explained my situation and she was out the door and looking at my car in no time. After she assessed the damage she grabbed Brendan and he wet sanded the tiny spot, buffed and just like that my car looked brand new again.

I was floored with Maria, Brittany, and Brendan. Schaefer Autobody has gained myself and the countless number of people I will tell as new customers for life. Customer service goes a long way and you are the leaders in this department by far. Be proud and keep up the great work!

Best Regards,

Adam S.
New Lifelong Customer