Mike B.

Dear Frank O’Pinion,

I am an avid listener to your show and feel my day is not complete if I happen to miss it. One facet of your show is the enthusiasm you put into promoting your sponsors. I always wondered if that enthusiasm was real or just marketing. One advertiser in particular is Schaefer Autobody Centers.

Unfortunately, I had need of a body shop and my insurance company suggested Schaefer as one of the options. A ha, I would have a chance to find out if your promos would be backed up by their service.

Schaefer was fantastic with their work and equally fantastic with their customer service. Here is a litany of my experience:

  1. The technical people quickly evaluated the damage gave me an estimate and there was no sitting around waiting.
  2. When I got into my car to leave the battery was dead, so I used their phone to call AAA.
  3. While waiting for AAA I relaxed in their waiting room while drinking all of their Coca Cola I desired.
  4. When AAA arrived they started the car but the battery was bad and the one they carry on their truck would not fit in my car.
  5. The customer service rep for Schaefer heard all of this and offered to call the auto parts store that they use.
  6. She called the parts store, told them the story and ordered a battery, which they delivered and Schaefer actually put it in. All why while waiting I drank some more of their Coca Cola and enjoyed their hospitality.
  7. Shortly, I left for home not believing that such customer service was alive and well in 2016.
  8. Yesterday I returned to pick up the repaired car. Their work was excellent, but again the customer service was just as great.
  9. Their front office customer service rep Jackie Meyer explained to me not only what was done to the car, but why. She clearly explained what was paid for by the insurance company and what was my co-pay, etc. etc. We also had a good time laughing about the dead battery episode, while offering me another Coca Cola. Schaefer has a jewel of an employee and representative.

I know, long story. I am convinced that your enthusiastic sponsor support is not, in any way, just BS.

Just thought you would like to know.


Mike B – Kirkwood, MO