Trust Schaefer Autobody for Ford F150 Certified Repair St Louis

When it comes to Ford and Ford F150 Certified repair, St. Louis car owners know to trust Schaefer Autobody. Why? Because Schaefer Autobody is one of the few independent autobody shops in the greater St. Louis area that is a certified by Ford to provide the highest quality repairs to Ford vehicles, including our F150 Aluminum Certified Collision Center accreditation. This accreditation is especially critical for the redesigned 2015 and later Ford F150 built with innovative, high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body. This accreditation signifies that Schaefer Autobody technicians have completed material-specific training highlighting the unique processes associated with safe repair of the special aluminum used in later Ford F150 models. In addition to these technical courses and processes, these certified repairs require Schaefer Autobody to use specialized and dedicated equipment.

Having your Ford vehicle repaired at an autobody center certified by Ford ensures that your vehicle is repaired by technicians who have the capability of repairing your vehicle to manufacturer specifications. Being a Ford-certified repair shop means that we only use Ford Collision parts, which are designed and engineered specifically for your Ford vehicle, built by the same people who built your Ford vehicle in the first place. Unlike aftermarket parts, each Ford Collision part is built to maintain the same quality, safety and integrity your vehicle had when you bought it from Ford.

In addition to these technical and equipment requirements, Ford sets an expectation for certified shops to be focused on the customer and meet a standard of service that includes delivering an exceptional experience and maintaining a customer satisfaction index measured by a third party. Schaefer Autobody meets, and continuously aims to exceed, these standards.

To be certified, Schaefer Autobody underwent an on-site inspection audit from a Ford inspector to guarantee compliance with Ford’s standards. In addition to specific requirements for Ford and Ford F150 vehicles, Ford also requires certified shops to have additional outside accreditations, including I-CAR Gold Class certification, the highest training achievement in the collision repair industry. Only 10% of collision repair shops have this certification.

When considering Schaefer Autobody for your Ford or Ford F150 certified repair, keep in mind that your insurance company might not refer you to a shop that is certified. It’s also good to remember that you don’t have to visit a shop they recommend, if they recommend a shop. It is important that, before you make an appointment, you check your insurance provider’s coverage of OEM parts, like the parts used in your certified Ford repair. Due to the cost difference, some insurance companies might urge you toward a repair done with aftermarket parts, or at a shop that doesn’t utilize OEM parts in their repairs, but they can’t mandate that you use those parts or have your repair done at a certain shop.

At Schaefer Autobody, we hope you never need collision repair for your vehicle. But, in the event that you do, choose an autobody shop that is certified to return your Ford vehicle to you in a condition worthy of its manufacturer.

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